Thank you Laura, for fighting for the wild horses and burros. Don’t ever give up, we are all they have.

Wild Horse Education

Note from Laura:

I am going to make a few brief statement about the “handling statement” in the Decision Record on Jackson Mountain.

AS we discussed specific parameters and not one specific except the CFR’s (that are already specific and continually violated) and not ONE of them made the document my feelings are as follows:

The lack of any specific simply gives the distinct impression that they know they are not going to “do it right” and are afraid of the ramification of getting caught.

The language in this attachment demonstrates (in my opinion) that the idea of the appearance of a policy is important but any specific action, besides kicking an animal in the head or hitting with a helicopter, is up to the “discretion” of those that fail in that capacity.

I have tried all options open to me to create a productive discussion that leads to ANYTHING…

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