Robin Warren, also Wild Horse Robin, has been fighting for the wild horses and burros for three years, at least. That means this young lady has been fighting for wild horses and burros since she was 8 years old. I don’t know any politician that would take for granted Robin and Declan’s testimony to them; and their testimony is their desire for the horses and burros of this land not to be slaughtered. To take care of them and to be responsible and accountable for our actions as adults means that we leave a better world for them to inherit. This is wisdom and knowledge from Robin, who by any rights as an American citizen who is accountable and responsible as her actions have proven, and honesty, courage and respect she carries with her. I hope the politicians of this day realize that there are young people who are preparing themselves to make decisions as adults by educating themselves accordingly. We should expect nothing less from the adults we call politicians. We support you, Robin, and we are sure your voice will be heard, we are listening!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Maggie Lillis as published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

“We don’t want them to reduce their numbers or to have the horses’ watering holes polluted or herds run around by motorists”

One Centennial Hills 11-year-old has turned a nickname, Wild Mustang Robin, into a passion in motion.

Sixth-grader Robin Warren’s mission to protect indigenous horses and burros has garnered national and international attention, visits with legislators and a youth advocate title for a preservation group.

For three years, Robin has worked to raise awareness of the Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and the Bureau of Land Management‘s exemption to it.

She started a petition and gathered about 2,500 signatures to request that the BLM adhere to the same rules and regulations as the general public in regards to the humane treatment of wild horses and burros.

“We don’t want them to reduce their numbers or to…

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